Our aim is to provide a forum for
the exchange of ideas related to
neuropelveology, and we would like
to invite you to join us in our mission.

ISNP – International School of Neuropelveology

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the International School of Neuropelveology (ISNP). Neuropelveology is a new field in medical science which focuses on the preservation of the pelvic nerves during laparoscopic radical pelvic surgery as well as on laparoscopic neurosurgical procedures on the pelvic nerves.

ISNP is an education platform that offers online-courses in clinical neuropelveology for anyone to take, for low prizes. We designed our platform based on proven teaching methods verified by top researchers and physicians. Our mission is to provide universal access to the world´s best education in clinical neuropelveology.


Univ.-Prof. Prof. Dr. med. Marc Possover, MD, PhD –
President of the ISoN

Univ.-Prof. Prof. Dr. med. Marc Possover, MD, PhD
President of the ISoN

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ISNP Education Program

The ISNP Education Program has been developed by the International Society of Neuropelveology (ISoN) and was drawn up in collaboration with university experts in neuropelveology.

The goal is to provide certification of your theoretical knowledge in clinical neuropelveology and technical skills in laparoscopic neurofunctional pelvic surgery according to 3 levels.

So it includes theoretical e-learning courses including a final online-examination and practical workshops with laparoscopic dissection on cadavers. Certifications are validated and approved by the ISoN. Up until now this certification could only be obtained by the ISNP training program. Level 2 certification can be awarded by various centers in the world, for instance at the Aarhus School of Neuropelveology.


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